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  • Actually, Cut The Cameras 😐

    As someone who consumes digital media daily, I thoroughly enjoyed this unit. Not only did it allow me to showcase some of my video graphic creativity, but the assignments also challenged me to incorporate principles of cinematography into my creations. Reflecting on the technical aspect of filmmaking, concepts of character placement, one-point perspectives, and the…

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  • Sidewalk University or Harvard?

    Sidewalk University was established in 2023 by Nathaniel Evans. It is currently the youngest Ivy League, located on the sidewalk. Nathaniel, the current president, and only professor, decided to create this liberal arts institution after returning from a vacation to Emerald City. While on his trip, he embarked on a journey of self-discovery, defeated the…

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  • Caroline’s Encounter

    Caroline is a 27-year-old paramedic. Since beginning her career last November, she has seen countless gut-wrenching things. From gunshot wound victims to those involved in gruesome car accidents, Caroline has seen some of the worst cases in her small town of Derry, Maine. Usually, when she finishes a shift, Caroline calls her Grandfather to de-stress…

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