Category: Reflections

  • The Brilliance of Ari Aster

    One of the reasons why I support Ari Aster is because he knows how to connect with his audience through long-used techniques in a way that feels fresh. Before embarking on the filmmaking industry, Aster aspired to be a writer. However, while attending graduate school, Aster’s expanded his horizons and broke into the filmmaking industry.…

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  • The Juxtaposition of Cinema

    The late Roger Ebert is a renowned American film critic. Before his passing, Ebert was chief film critic for the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper for over forty years. In the realm of cinema critics, Ebert’s journalistic approach to critiquing films set him aside from other movie critics during his reign. From Ebert’s perspective, there was no “right” or…

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  • Dr. Sara Glass’s Closet 🏳️‍🌈

    “Modern Love” is a podcast broadcasted in The New York Times audio format. “I Promised God It Was the Last Time” is an episode featuring Dr. Sara Glass and host Anna Martin. Dr. Sara Glass is a renowned clinical psychologist, author, speaker, and wellness coach. In the episode below, Glass dives into navigating her sexuality as a…

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