Sidewalk University or Harvard?

Sidewalk University was established in 2023 by Nathaniel Evans. It is currently the youngest Ivy League, located on the sidewalk. Nathaniel, the current president, and only professor, decided to create this liberal arts institution after returning from a vacation to Emerald City. While on his trip, he embarked on a journey of self-discovery, defeated the Wicked Witch of the West, and even danced along a yellow brick road. Nathaniel’s solo trip to the busy city is also where he met one of his highest-performing students, Dorothy.

Dorothy and Toto, 2023

Originally from Kansas, Dorothy moved to the sidewalk to attend Sidewalk University. Although she has yet to declare a major, Dorothy intends to major in advanced statistics. After earning her bachelor’s degree, Dorothy would like to become a data analyst specialist. Back in Kansas, Dorothy went to a small school and was even a member of the mathletes club. Unfortunately, Sidewalk University does not have enough students to form extracurricular activity clubs. However, Dorothy has been spreading the word about Sidewalk University in hopes of more people applying and attending her school.

Here is a photo of one of Nathaniel’s lectures. Since Nathaniel is the only professor at his university, he is often buried in the many papers he grades. Despite only having one student in his course and the entire university, Dorothy is an overachiever, always going above and beyond on all her assignments. Feeling quite overwhelmed lately, Nathaniel recently put an ad on Craigslist in hopes of staffing Sidewalk University. Little does Dorothy know, Sidewalk University is not an accredited university. Nathaniel is striving to earn accreditation by the year 3000.

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