Caroline’s Encounter

Caroline is a 27-year-old paramedic. Since beginning her career last November, she has seen countless gut-wrenching things. From gunshot wound victims to those involved in gruesome car accidents, Caroline has seen some of the worst cases in her small town of Derry, Maine. Usually, when she finishes a shift, Caroline calls her Grandfather to de-stress and clear her mind. For the past year and a half, opening up to her Grandfather, Joe, helped Caroline separate work from her personal life. However, the night of June 10 would turn her world upside down.

It was midnight when Caroline and her team got the call. An unresponsive 7-year-old girl was found in her bed by her older sister. Once the 911 call came in, Caroline and her team rushed to the girl’s home. Upon arrival, the squad of three hopped out of the ambulance with all their gear, Caroline preparing for the worst. The child’s sister was standing outside when Caroline walked onto the porch. “Where’s your sister, sweetie?” Caroline asked. Through tears, the girl exclaimed “She’s in her room. Please come quick!” and led Caroline’s team to the child’s room. Once they got to the room, Caroline made her way to the girl’s side and jumped into action. However, she could see something ghoulish out of the corner of her eye.

Daphne’s Message

Daphne was the girl’s name. Unfortunately, she was pronounced deceased shortly after Caroline attempted to resuscitate her. “Did anyone else see it?” Caroline thought to herself as she drove home. For some reason, neither Daphne’s sister nor Caroline’s colleagues reacted to the ghoulish figure in Daphne’s room. “Was I hallucinating?, Am I going crazy?” were thoughts filling Caroline’s mind. At one point on the drive home, she tried to call Joe but, he didn’t answer. Caroline chalked this up to him already being asleep, seeing as though it was nearly two o’clock in the morning. Once Caroline got home, she showered and lay in bed. At 2:22 AM, she got a text from an unknown number. An exhausted Caroline picked up her phone and opened the message. It read; “Thank you for trying to save me”, accompanied by the video above.

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