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    Final Blog Post In closing, I had a blast taking this course. As a psychology major, my core education courses generally do not consist of assignments in which I have free reign over what I produce. Further, this course allowed me to showcase my creativity in ways that I have not been able to since…

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  • Actually, Cut The Cameras 😐

    As someone who consumes digital media daily, I thoroughly enjoyed this unit. Not only did it allow me to showcase some of my video graphic creativity, but the assignments also challenged me to incorporate principles of cinematography into my creations. Reflecting on the technical aspect of filmmaking, concepts of character placement, one-point perspectives, and the…

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  • Adíos Audio! 👋🏾

    The main takeaway from studying audio storytelling is that it is more strenuous than it seems. Initially, I viewed audio storytelling as straightforward and had a “one size fits all” perspective. Now, I understand the artistic decisions behind finding and telling a story. Underlying themes, comedic timing, diction, and audio quality are factors that contribute…

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