Yes, I’m Retired

The Office Cast and Camera Crew, 2006

Despite being born in 2003, I began my cinematography career in the fall of 2005. After earning a bachelor’s degree in cinematic arts, from Sidewalk University, I moved out to Los Angeles. When I relocated from the sidewalk to L.A., I barely had enough money saved to pay rent. However, after meeting Steve Carell, my life changed.

Steve Carell and Allisya on the train, 2004

The Office is an iconic mockumentary that nearly all takes place in one office setting. Dry humor, breaking the fourth wall, and chaotic plots are why The Office is one of the most popular sitcoms in the U.S. In the fall of 2004, Steve Carell and I met on a train. What a coincidence! At the time, Steve was working on the pre-production details regarding The Office. “Should I tell him that I’m a videographer and I am passionate about cinematography?” I thought to myself. Ultimately, I introduced myself to Steve. We sat for 25 minutes conversing about life, Hollywood, cinema, and our perspectives on entertainment. Once the train got to my stop, I exchanged my contact information with Steve. Not too long after, I signed a contract with The National Broadcasting Company and became an executive camera crew member for The Office.

The Final Ever Scene – The Office US

Although my film career ended recently, the nine years I dedicated to working in the production of The Office are timeless. Steve Carell went out on a limb and advocated for me throughout the beginning of my career. Steve, John, Jenna, Ellie, and Rainn are a few of the many colleagues I bonded with throughout filming. The actors, writers, producers, and camera team inspired me to experiment with angles I was initially reserved about. We were like a family. We created a space where we could voice our opinions and be heard. The Office fueled my creativity and allowed me to grow as an artist. As a veteran in my field, I have never seen anything that compares to the cultural reset we made with The Office and how many generations of upcoming creators we have influenced.

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