Intro Design Closing Act

The fundamental basis of design and the corresponding components plays a role in our everyday lives. Logos, website layouts, billboards, and posters are some ways that messages, through art, are communicated to billions of people. While the artist behind the art can not control how viewers will perceive the art, artists take advantage of the twelve basic principles of design. Combinations of design concepts not only produce different forms but can also produce different stories and engage different people.

Overall, I predominately enjoyed learning about minimalism, color, and balance. It was easy for me to capture photographs for these principles because my room’s layout is minimal and has a lot of color and objects that display a great deal of balance. 

However, principles regarding symbols and unity were challenging for me to designate a photograph for. Symbols usually create illustrations for the viewer. Unity refers to balancing colors, space, textures, and light. At one point, this did frustrate me. Although I did not publish any photographs in which these elements are prevalent, I gained a new understanding of symbols and unity following reading The Vignelli Canon by Massimo Vignelli.

Massimo Vignelli, 1982

Regarding symbols and unity, Vignelli explicitly examines these aspects of design. The Vignelli Canon summarizes symbols as graphic elements that can serve as representation for the story or brand behind the art. Unity is best crafted when looking at the art from different aspects and filling the area without cluttering the space in a way that negatively impacts the artwork, according to Vignelli. 

Before diving into the basics of design, I was unaware of the technical portions of it. As someone who is not a self-proclaimed artist, my approach to design is usually chaotic and rough. After reviewing the resources provided, especially Vignelli’s book, I will approach my future art projects with intention.


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