Is This a Safe Space?

Whenever I feel overwhelmed at work, drowning in emails, my imagination kicks in. If I am sitting in a boring lecture, my imagination kicks in. When I am stressing about a school project, my imagination kicks in. As humans, the neocortex and thalamus are the regions of our brains responsible for producing images and creativity within our minds. My imagination is a ‘safe space’ that grants me a momentary escape from reality. These moments, usually anxiety induced, always display the same image in my mind. A green pasture full of beautiful flowers, trees, and a bright sky.

The meadow allows me to physically and metaphorically inhale the future and exhale the past. Practicing slow breathing, taking deep breaths, and closing my eyes, are steps that relax me. The meadow is a great escape that has gotten me through the hardships of my college career thus far and countless high-stress situations. The meadow is inviting, beautiful, and expansive. It is a safe space.

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