Final Blog Post

In closing, I had a blast taking this course. As a psychology major, my core education courses generally do not consist of assignments in which I have free reign over what I produce. Further, this course allowed me to showcase my creativity in ways that I have not been able to since beginning college nearly three years ago. Not only did I learn a lot about myself artistically, but concepts about photography, camera angles, and audio storytelling will resonate with me moving forward.

The assignments I enjoyed doing the most were the audio assignments.
I was initially overwhelmed while choosing assignments via the audio assignment bank. However, pacing myself regarding crafting a narrative allowed me to take a step back and re-evaluate the stories I created. Nevertheless, incorporating sounds into my chaotic stories added individuality to an otherwise blank slate. The building blocks of audio storytelling, coined by Ira Glass, taught me how essential the sequence of actions is when producing audio stories. Constantly raising questions, then answering the posed questions for listeners is another technique of storytelling that impacted how I completed the audio assignments.

Turning back the clocks of time, I would not have set limitations for myself when I began taking this course. I would instead allow my art to speak for itself. Whether you’re photographing something, digitally designing, or simply speaking into a microphone, art fills all of the space around us. Thus, I often found myself getting too caught up in following each project’s rubrics rather than allowing my creative juices to flow. Ultimately, I highly recommend other students enroll in digital storytelling. CPSC 106 is not only a course. CPSC 106 is an experience.


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