Millie’s McDonald’s

Millie, the moose, lives on the outskirts of Alaska along with her mother, Margaret. Sadly, Millie lives a lonely life. After Millie’s father died, Margaret moved the mother-daughter duo as far away from other moose as possible. The drastic move was partly because there was a lot of speculation surrounding Millie’s dad’s cause of death. Although the town’s coroner ruled Millie’s dad’s death a heart attack, some townsfolk seemed to think that Margaret had something to do with his sudden death. Nevertheless, the grieving process hasn’t been easy for either Millie or Margaret. As a coping skill, Millie has been going on long walks to clear her mind and temporarily escape the seldom household that reeks of despair.

Friday, the 13th would be the day that changed Millie’s life forever. That morning, Millie completed her typical morning routine. Crying, ignoring Margaret, and roaming through the woods were on the girl’s agenda.

As Millie aimlessly made her way through the woods, she spotted a large building. “It cant be” Millie thought. However, there it was, McDonald’s.

Millie’s previous classmates often ranted and raved about the fast-food restaurant. Despite nobody in Millie’s childhood town ever being able to find a McDonald’s within their wooded habitat, gossip about rebellious moose venturing out into uncharted woods and snagging a taste of burgers and fries were common.

Millie sprinted into the restaurant, jumped behind the counter, and snatched a cheeseburger, a carton of fries, and a cup of Sprite. Although long abandoned, this McDonald’s had fresh food everywhere. “I have to eat this before I make it home,” the girl thought before stuffing the food down her throat.

Once Millie made it home that evening, Margaret was waiting with a salad. “Where have you been? Do you know how late it is?” Margaret asked the teen. “I went for a walk. I must have lost track of time, calm down” Millie attempted to assure her mom. Before Millie could settle into her room, Margaret ran up to her and smacked her antlers. “Stop lying! I smell the McDonald’s on your breath!” the distraught mother yelled.

Suddenly, an unseen force overtook Millie. The girl ran past her mother and sparked a match. As she paced around the house, dowsing the family’s belongings with gasoline, Millie began sobbing. “I know you killed Dad, everyone knows and that’s why we live in this hell hole now,” Millie said. Before Margaret could react, Millie threw the match into the living room and the fire started, swiftly engulfing their home in fire.

Now that Millie’s home is burning down and Margaret is still in shell shock, where should she go now? Either way, Millie standing up to her mom and eating McDonald’s gave her indescribable satisfaction. After placing her headphones in and turning on her favorite techno remix, Millie walked through the woods. “To new beginnings,” Millie thought as she disappeared into the forest, music filling her ears.

Summertime Sadness – Techno

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