Let’s Trash The Pacific!

Imagine if we lived in a world where people didn’t litter. Oceanic organisms are gradually losing their habitats globally. More specifically, plastic pollution is one of the main concerns regarding aquatic pollutants. Since the 1960s, scientists have recorded the mounting trash taking over oceans. Turtles, dolphins, seals, and many more animals die from being entangled in all forms of plastics. 

Patrick, the starfish, resides in the Pacific Ocean. Since starring in the iconic cartoon, SpondeBob SqaurePants, Patrick pursued a career in marine biology. Patrick currently works at a facility in a warm tropical region, about 150 below sea level. His job entails research on oceanic debris.

One summer morning in July, Patrick collected data outside of his workspace. Along the way, he met a dolphin named Shelby. As Patrick saw Shelby, he noticed she was struggling to free herself from a large zip tie. An alarmed Patrick sprinted towards Shelby and desperately pulled on the zip tie. Out of fear, Shelby flailed around and shook her head aggressively to unwrap the zip tie that was tightly wrapped around her mouth. “Hey! I know you’re scared, but please calm down. I am here to help” Patrick said. At once, Shelby sat still. Patrick then removed the zip tie. “Thank you so much!” Shelby exclaimed. “I have been out here for at least five minutes, trying my best to get that stupid thing off me” Shelby explained. Patrick let out a sigh of relief and told Shelby that it was his pleasure to assist her.

Following this brief interaction, Shelby swam away. Patrick, still holding the zip tie, placed it in a compartment on his work vest. “I will make sure I put this in a trash bin,” he said to himself, then completed his work for the day.

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