AirPods Pro

Last Christmas, I bought myself one of the best Christmas gifts ever. At the time, I worked at Target. I had a grueling schedule. I frequently experienced burnout, my feet constantly ached, and my sleep schedule was awful. As a team member in the beauty section of the store, my duties entailed stocking shelves, being able to lift boxes that weighed up to fifty pounds and also assist guests. My management often micro-managed me, evening timing my stocking time. Thankfully, I no longer work there.

One day after work, I visited my local Best Buy. A few days prior, my AirPods stopped working. They no longer turned on during phone calls and whenever I played music, I could barely hear. I talk on the phone often and I love listening to music. Since my AirPods were barely functional, I was eager to buy a new pair.

When I walked into Best Buy, I promised myself I would get the cheapest pair of AirPods I could find. “If they don’t have the first-generation ones, I will just go home,” I thought. Ultimately, this store only had second-generation AirPods in stock.

Suddenly, I was at the register swiping my card. That day, I walked out of the store with nearly an empty bank account. Overindulgent much? Despite the high price, I do not regret my decision.

My new AirPods are not only fully functional, but they also have a noise-cancellation feature. Whenever I am wearing my AirPods, which is often, I feel a sense of calmness. I blast the music that transports me to my own world. Also, I love talking on the phone, the fact that they work during phone calls, unlike my old pair, makes them even more worth the money.
This Christmas gift is sentimental to me. I don’t know where I would be without my precious AirPods.

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