World-Renowned Theme Song 🦸🏾

If I were a superhero fighting alongside The Avengers, my theme song would be my main priority. Regarding my superpower, flying and superstrength would be nice. Although I am not a fighter, my role within the team would be more so, administrative duties. I would also stick with my real name and everyday outfits while on active duty. Besides my theme song, I want the world to see me as a human. Many of my hypothetical counterparts have otherwordly abilities, define phenomena, and have saved the world countless times. However, they are just as human as civilians, just as I am.

The Avengers, 2023

As a superhero, characteristics embodying morality, sympathy, integrity, and discipline would be at the forefront of my duty. Often, when superhero-based movies climax and the heroes defeat the villain, the city is left destroyed. Man-made structures get plowed through, random cars are crushed, and the overall setting is plagued by chaos and disorder. Instead of doing a photo op, after the team defeats a villain, I would want to start contributing to rebuilding the city and assisting people who may have lost a car or home during the efforts of my team to defeat the bad guy.

So, about my theme song. My tune is a classic hype song. Starting with soft drum beats and claps, the hook of my tune is a combination of chimes and bells. Below is the song that will play in the background as I walk up to crime scenes, fly around the world, and whenever I give back to the community. My supporters will also relate to me through my hip, groovy beat.

The Sickest Beat Ever

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