Unironic Masterpieces

Within my room, organization is prevalent. Every item has a designated storage unit, or position, for decorative purposes. Reflecting on the design concepts I’ve reviewed, ideas about minimalism, rhythm, color, typography, and dominance resonated most with me. Taking advantage of my semi-cluttered room, I had access to an array of objects that consist of the elements mentioned.

MinimalismThree flowers hang on my wall, separated by notable spacing, nearly blending into the wall. This decor embodies the minimalist approach to art because the space surrounding each flower emphasizes them without overwhelming the observer.https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2010/05/principles-of-minimalist-web-design-with-examples/
Typography“Drink Water” is a public service announcement intending to urge people to stay hydrated. Overall, the varying typography used can be interpreted in different tones by viewers. Typography can establish communication, and captivate audiences, exemplified in this sign.https://typographyforlawyers.com/?page_id=1300
ColorThe rainbow LED fixture illuminates its corner. Although these colors do not complement each other in a technical sense, the colors of the rainbow against a dark background shape a vivid outline around the decoration.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=059-0wrJpAU
DominanceThe painting of the two elephants, presumably a family, presents an example of dominance. The majority of the elephant’s bodies fill the right side of the canvas and most of the middle. The trunks in particular overlap each other towards the far left side of the canvas. Dominance addresses visual weight and how the amount of weight impacts the element. The size of the elephants, metaphorically and literally, is not dominant but recessive to the overlapping trunks that take up a small portion of the canvas.http://vanseodesign.com/web-design/dominance/
RhythmThe cover of the 2023 notebook planner has rhythmic designs. As a flat surface decorated with patterns of identical flowers, the planner’s rhythm contributes to its purpose. Planners, used for organization by many, repeat themselves. Days, weeks, months, blank spaces for notes, fill up the pages. Thus, the subtle rhythm of the cover represents the pattern of yearly planners.http://www.writedesignonline.com/resources/design/rules/rhythm-pattern.html

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