Ugh, The Library? ๐Ÿ“š

Growing up, whenever I would spend my summers with my Grandmother down in Augusta, Georgia, we often visited the local library. As a retired teacher’s assistant, my Grandmother was well-versed in educational milestones. She would print out book lists offline then we would travel to the library, sometimes checking out three books at a time. Back then, I dreaded going to the library. I loved reading, but I didn’t like being in the library. It was too quiet for me. I’m a loud, expressive, passionate person who showcases a large amount of my personality through my voice. As an adult, I love the library. It allows me to focus without getting distracted easily and makes me feel like I have a grasp on managing my school work. My appreciation for the library is not necessarily because of the silence of the environment but for the ambiance of library settings.

White noise is a mix of sound frequencies audible to the human ear. In short, white noise is any frequency that masks noise in an environment in which the listener’s ears focus on the white noise. Some people can only sleep with a fan on. Others have to listen to music to concentrate in a busy cafรฉ. In these scenarios, the fan and music are considered white noise. White noise can improve work performance, improve sleep habits, and is linked to counteracting attention deficit psychological disorders.

The sound of the keyboard typing, crinkling paper, and writing on paper is white noise that allows me to stay focused when studying in the library. I’m not sure when I began using auditory strategies to focus. However, these noises do create a productive environment for me. Even if I am sitting in the library, not doing any work, I feel motivated to continue completing my tasks due to the productivity around me. Hearing myself or others type frantically suggests that work is getting done. Crinkling papers sound crisp and smooth. Despite having a laptop, writing my course notes on paper relaxes me and helps me better understand the content. Libraries are not quiet. They are full of ambient frequencies, culminating in a melting pot resulting in an inviting, productivity-inducing space.

The Productivity Ambiance

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