The Election of 2020: A Fever Dream

The U.S. presidential election of 2020 will go down in history books as one of the most controversial elections in U.S. history. President Joe Biden ultimately earned 306 electoral votes, while former President Donald Trump earned 232 votes. On the heels of the global COVID-19 pandemic, this election was once in a state of limbo, partially due to voting issues in the five battleground states; Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Nevada. Also, the January 6th United States Capitol attack that resulted in five lives lost is another event that subsequently hovered over the 2020 presidential race and the ultimate 2021 inauguration of President Biden. However, what if we lived in an alternate universe in which the 2020 presidential election never happened?

Joe Biden and Donald Trump, Parallel Universe

Spisortum, Sanctum of the Sea, resides on the barrier of the Milky Way galaxy. Only two men live on Spisortum, alongside a kitten and a bongo drum. Joe Biden and Donald Trump hopped on a spaceship in 1961, discovered Spisortum, then decided to live the rest of their lives there. Beautiful water, warm weather, and sunny skies dominate the small planet. Per the carefree atmosphere, Trump recently learned how to dance, and Biden picked up the hobby of playing the bongo. The kitten, Jack Torrance, was adopted by Biden shortly after the pair discovered the expansive planet sixty-two years ago. Inhabiting Spisortum was a breath of fresh air for the two best friends. Unlike Earth, Spisortum is pollution free and has infinite natural resources.

Former President Trump and Current President Biden Vibing With A Cat

Since their departure from Earth, Trump and Biden periodically share videos with U.S. Embassies on Earth. Last Tuesday, the U.S. Embassy in London received the video above via telegram. Trump cheerfully shows off some moves he’s been practicing while Biden rocks it out on the bongos. Jack can also be seen in the corner of the video, clearly unaware of how close he is to the camera.

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