Cat’s Play 🎹

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Calamity the cat lives in Greenwich, Connecticut, with her parents. The family of three is originally from Romania but moved to the States once Calamity’s father had to relocate for his job. Initially, the stark differences between Romania and Connecticut were a culture shock for young Calamity. However, she acclimated to her new city quite nicely once she started making new friends and strengthening her musical craft.

The classical piano has been a part of Calamity’s life since she was five. Ghana, Calamity’s mother, came from a long line of musicians. Although she does not play any instruments, nor read music, Ghana always appreciated the musical arts and ensured that her daughter would too.

As a rising senior in High School, Calamity has been looking at fine art institutions to attend once she graduates. Her home is only fifty minutes outside New York City, which she can commute to if accepted into her dream school, Juilliard.

Recently, Calamity finalized her application for Julliard. Intending on majoring in classical piano, a part of Calamity’s application requirement is to include an original melody. Although she has not named her jingle yet, a snippet of Calamity’s song is below. In this arrangement, Calamity creates balance and harmony. She also tells a story through the meticulous striking strings of her piano. So, do you think Calamity’s jingle is enough to get her into Julliard?

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