Photo Safari

On May 16th at 10:00 pm, I went on a photographic scavenger hunt in my room. Although I keep my room organized, I have a lot of clutter. As a crochet enthusiast, I have at least 20 balls of yarn in a basket next to my dresser. I also have an expansive collection of stuffed animals, stress balls, souvenirs from places I’ve visited, and decorations that add character to my room. While completing the 15-minute scavenger hunt, I took photos of items that brought me joy, photos that held sentimental value, and a single of my wall lighting. Overall, the pictures that required minimal effort were my plaid blanket and my favorite stress ball, which has a smiley face. Also, the most inventive moment I captured was the photo of my roses in a vase that cast a fascinating shadow on my desk.

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