Intro Visual Wrap-Up

Visual literacy refers to interpreting visuals through sight. As an umbrella term, language, perception, communication, thinking, and learning are different components that make up visual literacy. Following reviewing sources, researching these topics, and creating forms of visual literacy, I appreciate this art form more than I did before beginning this assignment.

Overall, the most challenging aspect of this assignment was narrowing down my creative ideas. Out of my two years in college, I have not taken a class that encouraged as much creativity as this course does. Having complete autonomy over what I could produce, overwhelmed me at times since I initially had so many ideas. However, I broke the assignments into sections and gradually worked my way through them, stress-free.

The easiest part of this assignment was the photo safari assignment. I took all of the photographs in my room, which was convenient. Also, my room is sort of cluttered, which gave me a lot of objects to photograph.

One of the most time-consuming portions of this project was formatting my website. When I created my website, I customized a template from WordPress. However, as I began working on these particular assignments, I had to completely change the theme and format of my site. Constantly having to mess around with the template, led to formatting issues. At times, this aggravated me, but everything ultimately worked out.

In conclusion, I enjoyed every aspect of the assignments within this project. I crafted engaging blog posts that allowed me to express myself, by crafting stories I am eager for my classmates and professor to read.


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