Alfred’s Spooky Season 👻

“What time is it?” Alfred thought to himself as he searched for his phone. It was 3:15 am when the teen glanced at his phone. Feeling dehydrated, Alfred put his phone down, picked up his water bottle, and took a big gulp. The previous day, he laid down for a short nap when he got home from soccer practice but ultimately slept through the night.

Suddenly, Alfred’s phone rang. It was his girlfriend Vanessa calling. Before Alfred could even ask about her day, Vanessa began screaming into the phone. “Have you seen the news?” the teen exclaimed, “We’re all going to… there are zombies everywhere!” Vanessa yelled. “What are you even talking about? Is this supposed to be funny?” an annoyed Alfred asked. “Alfred I-” are the last of Vanessa’s audible words before Alfred’s phone powered off. His battery died.

Alfred lets out a long sigh and puts his phone on the charger next to his bed. Still sore from practice, Alfred briefly stretches, still in bed, trying to collect his thoughts. “Does she think I’m going to fall for some stupid zombie apocalypse prank?” he thought. Vanessa is not what most would describe as a prankster. Alfred was concerned but didn’t dwell on his odd phone call. Deciding to get comfortable again, Alfred rolled over in his bed. Once again, Alfred was interrupted.

Alfred’s Mom Says Hello!

A groaning sound began growing outside Alfred’s door.

He jolted up in his bed. Aside from his bedside lamp, Alfred’s room was completely dark. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be long until his whole world would be flipped upside down. Alfred’s door then swung open, and there she was.

What used to be Alfred’s mother peered at the boy.

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